“I’m so grateful to Kathleen for being such an amazing healer and for giving me such clear messages from my guides. I recommend this to anyone who is feeling blocked in any way, it really is all about the energy” – Amy P.

“I’ve had a lot of reiki sessions with a lot of different practitioners. There are very few times where I leave feeling like a new person. My session with Kathleen was one of them. I left feeling lighter, like I released the baggage I’d been carrying.” – Indira D.

Thank you Kathleen for a great session last night! I had a powerful experience. So powerful that I couldn’t even bring myself to share with the group in fear I’d start ugly crying and not be able to compose myself LOL. I lost a grandfather who I was very close with about 6 years ago. His last months he was in hospital and had a tracheatomy, causing his inability to speak to us. Because of this I felt like I never got a proper goodbye and I constantly miss him dearly. Kathleen’s guided mediation allowed me to connect with my grandfather and feel his loving spirit. He spoke to me in a non verbal way that was very powerful and overwhelming and beautiful. – Jas I.