1-on-1 Energy Healing Session with Kathleen

60 min   |  $125

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What you will need for the session:

All times are in PT (Pacific Time – Los Angeles). Please ensure you have properly noted the date and time of your session, and be online on Skype at the proper time to make the most of your session :)

1-on-1 Session Structure:

  • Discussion where I gain clarity on what you would like healed, balanced, or guidance with (1-5 min)
  • Oracle card reading, where I receive intuitive guidance for you (5-10 min)
  • Reiki in the style of a guided energy healing meditation, connecting with your Higher Self, and aligning with your internal guidance system. Here I receive visuals, messages, and positive affirmations for you, while sending you distance reiki (45-55 min)

* Cancelling a session:

If you need to cancel your session, 24 hours notice must be given, to receive a refund. Otherwise refunds are not given.

* Re-scheduling a session:

Sessions can be rescheduled when available, but not guaranteed. Must give minimum 2 hours notice prior to scheduled session if you need to reschedule. Please see calendar for availability, to suggest a time to reschedule. If you miss your session, you will not receive a refund. If you wish to reschedule a missed session, you will be required to pay for a new one.

* I reserve the right to terminate a session without refund:

I read your intake form at the beginning of the session, not prior, so if it is not filled out fully, you risk having your session terminated on the spot, without refund. In order to protect myself, I reserve the right to terminate a session without refund if it seems a person has signed up for a session for any reason other than to receive an oracle card reading and distance reiki. These are energy healing sessions. DO NOT book a session with the intention of a business or romantic collaboration. DO NOT book a session with the intention of a friendship or to get to know me. These sessions are for you to receive reiki energy healing. Please have an intention for what you would like healed, cleared and/or balanced through reiki and write that in the form you fill out when booking your session.

* Recording the session:

If you record the session or receive an audio recording of the session, this recording is for personal use only. © Reproduction and/or redistribution of any form without Kathleen’s consent is prohibited under copyright law.

Thank you ♡