Note to Self

Poem about self love 💗

You say you love me, but do you mean it?

Look at my body and how you treat it.

Do you get enough sleep?

Do you put love into what you eat?

Where do you take me?

Do I get enough sunlight, enough time with the moon?

Do I speak too soon?

Without taking the time to consider my self,

To put love and attention into building my wealth.

Both financially, spiritually, and also with my health.

Where do I spend my time each day?

Do I give myself enough space to create?

Do I relax into myself at least once or twice?

Do I use my phone as a crutch or as a helpful device?

What words do I listen to?

Are they helpful to me, are they even true?

Please don’t let me disintegrate,

Give me what I need to liberate,

My soul into this world.

Let my wings soar,

The ones I wanted as a little girl.

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