How to Make Natural Deodorant

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3 TBSP Coconut oil
2 TBSP Shea butter
3 TBSP Baking soda
2 TBSP Arrowroot flour (or cornstarch)
5-10 drops Tea tree oil
+ a few drops of any other essential oil of your choice – I used orange and patchouli and Val used ylang ylang and patchouli)

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– Fill a pot with about 1 inch of water, bring to a boil
– Put the coconut oil and shea butter into a measuring cup
– Once the water is boiling, put the measuring cup in the pot to melt the oils (par boiling)
– Once the coconut oil and shea butter have melted (become liquid), use oven mitts to take out the measuring cup from the pot and turn off the stove
– Add the baking soda and arrowroot flour and stir
– Add the tea tree oil and other desired essential oils
– Pour your mixture into the jar you’ll be storing it in and shake
– Put jar in the fridge to solidify your deodorant


– Apply a pea-sized amount to your armpit (using your fingers)

To get the essential oils we used in the video:

Enjoy! Xx