5Kathleen is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher. She has been developing her spiritual practice for over 15 years, with a strong focus in Indigenous teachings, traditional yoga, and connection to nature.
6She uses Reiki energy healing as a foundation for her 1-on-1 sessions, both in person and through Skype. During a session she balances the chakras of the person she’s working with, while connecting to their energetic field and receiving guidance for them. This allows people to understand and release emotional blockages held in their body, receiving the clarity and empowerment to move forward in life.

4She has taught students from around the world, to perform the balancing and healing practice of Reiki on themselves and others.
7Kathleen is active on YouTube, where she posts videos on the topic of Spirituality, Nature and Wellbeing, to her following of 20,000+ subscribers.