365 Days of Self Love

DAY 1: Walk In Nature


We’re all connected to something greater than this physical body. You might call it your Higher Self, your intuition, spirit guides, guardian angels, God, the Universe. There are so many different names and forms of guidance we can receive but the essence of it all, is that it’s a loving energy, and it has your back.
Over the past 9 years, I’ve been strengthening my connection to this energy. I’ve developed clair audience, which means I can hear messages very clearly.
About a year ago, whenever I would ask my intuition/guides for guidance, the answer I would receive was “love yourself more”. It seemed like almost every question I asked, that’s the answer I got. “How can I heal this?”, “how can I achieve this”, “how can I become this?” I kept hearing that same answer, “Love yourself more”.
I injured my left shoulder last February, and it’s still in the process of healing. My right shoulder has had issues too, since I was about 18.
The shoulders are part of the Heart Chakra, which rules self love, universal love, unconditional love.
I know I need to love myself more. It’s not just something you can say in a hollow way without meaning. I tell myself that I love myself. Almost every day. But what actions am I taking to prove it? What words am I saying to reinforce it?
IMG_5197 2.JPG
I want to take this journey. Focusing on self love every day for 365 days. Because I’m worth it. I’m the only person I’m guaranteed to be with for the rest of my life. I’m my soul mate. So why not treat myself like it?
I had a powerful experience with Ayahuasca last year that confirmed for me the importance of putting my wellbeing first. I can’t possibly properly care for others unless I first care for myself.
It’s time to start putting my actions, time and focus where my mouth is. Self love isn’t just a phrase to say. It’s a lifestyle choice. And I’m about to change my life.