365 Days of Self Love

Day 4 – This is For the Women


This is for the women. The ones who give so much to others. Who show love to so many. Who put others before themselves, and forget about who they are, what they want. They expect to receive what they’re craving from others, because they’re giving so much – someone should be giving to them, right? In reality, we need to give to ourselves. We need to be our own night in shining fucking armour, because we are goddesses and goddesses know their worth. We nurture ourselves. We see ourselves as the angels we are, and we give ourselves attention, presence and loyalty. We are loyal to ourselves because we value ourselves and know how important we are. I don’t want the attention and praise of someone else because it doesn’t mean as much as receiving it from myself. Once I give enough to myself, I can then overflow and give to others. Once I appreciate myself and the universe for all we do for me, I can then better appreciate others when they do something for me too. I need to see myself in the mirror every day as my best friend and most important person in my life, because that’s what I am! Women, if you aren’t getting what you want from someone else, start giving it to yourself. You are a divine fucking goddess and you need to love and cherish the shit out of yourself. Has anyone told you yet today that you’re beautiful? You are. You are sent here from heaven to heal and care for this world. Recognize first that you are this world – you are everything and everyone around you, and when you treat yourself like a goddess that’s what you attract. I’m so fucking tired of seeing women who give and give and give to everyone else and forget about themselves. I’m so tired of being that woman. Look at yourself in the mirror sweet angel. You deserve your own time, attention, affection, and support. I love you. #365DaysofSelfLove My #Day4 focus is cleaning. Cleaning to create a haven for myself to bask in my own divinity. Goddess vibes are strong today 😉🙏💚✨🌿